The Herodotus Helpline is delighted to make a first call for papers for our new international, open-access journal, Syllogos. The journal (whose name reflects the collective discussion of the Helpline) will be published online by the University Library Heidelberg as part of its Propylaeum initiative. The first issue will begin to be published in 2022, and will feature a range of original research articles, critical round-ups and review discussions, as well as, from 2023 onwards, an annual early career student essay by the winner of the Doris Post prize (for which submission must be made before 30/06/2022).

Syllogos will publish material on all aspects of Herodotus’ Histories, of the (Mediterranean, Near Eastern, North African and European) worlds to which they relate, and on the global reception of the Histories from antiquity to the present day. It embraces all approaches (including textual, linguistic, literary, historiographical, historical, geographical, archaeological) and encourages submissions from scholars and students of any discipline.

Syllogos is committed to open, lively, and generous debate on all aspects of Herodotus’ Histories, and is designed for a mixed audience of students, scholars and general readers. Submissions are encouraged in any language that the Editorial Committee and its Associate Editors are competent to judge. In the case of uncertainty, please enquire in advance by contacting

All submissions will be reviewed anonymously by the Editorial Committee and two external referees. The Editorial Committee consists of: Paul Demont (Sorbonne), John Dillery (Virginia), Francesca Gazzano (Genova), Thomas Harrison (St Andrews), Jan Haywood (Leicester), Elizabeth Irwin (Columbia), Polly Low (Durham), Andreas Schwab (Kiel), Pietro Vannicelli (La Sapienza).

For information on how to submit to Syllogos, see the author guidelines. Any queries can be sent to

Doris Post Essay Prize

The Herodotus Helpline is delighted to launch the Doris Post Essay Prize, an annual essay prize in memory of Doris Post, co-founder of the journal Syllogos, teacher and scholar of the ancient world. The essay prize is an annual competition that awards £300 to the best original essay on any topic related to Herodotus and his world, including the reception of the Histories in other ancient and modern literatures. The winning essay will also be published in Syllogos.

For further details about the prize, including rules for eligibility and the date for submission, please consult the Doris Post Essay Prize guidelines document.