The Helpline seminar runs weekly for much of the year on Wednesdays (at 6pm GMT). The seminar covers any topic (literary, historical, archaeological, linguistic, reception) connected to the Histories of Herodotus, both the world of Herodotus’ text and the world that his text describes: the history, society and cultures of the archaic and classical Greek worlds, and of Persia, Egypt, Lydia, Thrace, Scythia, and all the other non-Greek peoples with whom the Greeks were in dialogue.

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The majority of previous seminars have been recorded and are available to view on the Helpline’s dedicated YouTube channel. Links have been included in the schedules listed below.

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Upcoming seminars

April-June 2023

  • 18 April (NB: Tuesday): Maurizio Giangiulio (Trento)  
  • 26 April: Jan Haywood (Leicester)  
  • 3 May: NO SEMINAR
  • 10 May: Giusto Traina (Sorbonne) 
  • 17 May: Reading session: 5.42-48 (the fall of Sybaris)
  • 24 May: NO SEMINAR
  • 31 May: Claudio Felisi (Sorbonne) 
    • Where do the names of the Greek gods come from? For a (partly) new reading of Herodotus’ answer 
  • 7 June: Alexander Schütze (Munich), Andreas Schwab (Kiel) and others 
    • Herodotean soundings: the Cambyses logos 
  • 14 June: NO SEMINAR
  • 21 June: Paul Cartledge (Cambridge)  
    • Commentating on Herodotus: the Cambridge Green and Yellows 
  • 28 June: Translating the Histories 

Past Seminars

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