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Syllogos – a new journal for Herodotus!

The Herodotus Helpline is delighted to announce the launch of Syllogos, our new open-access journal dedicated to Herodotus, his world, and his reception in later centuries. Published by the Heidelberg University Library as part of their Propylaeum initiative, the journal will include a mix of original research articles, review discussions of important recent (and older) works, as well as ‘critical round-ups’ on key themes.  

Syllogos is designed for all scholars, students and general readers interested in Herodotus. It invites submissions or ideas for features from scholars and students of any discipline.

Doris Post Prize Winner 2022 – and 2023 competition

The Editorial Committee members of the journal Syllogos (and guest judge Rosaria Munson) are delighted to announce the first winner of the Doris Post Essay Prize.

This year’s winner is Louise Brouard (Sorbonne Université) for her essay ‘Le conquérant démasqué. Etude de la double description de la route royale dans l’ambassade d’Aristagoras (Hdt 5.49-54)’. Louise’s essay will be published in next year’s volume of Syllogos.

The Doris Post prize is awarded annually to the best essay on a Herodotean topic by a current or recent doctoral student. The timetable for the 2023 prize has now been announced. Full details are available at the Syllogos website

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